As an interviewer, you’re busy.


You’ve got meetings and lunches and deadlines and metrics to meet.

You want to publish your best quality work every time you write a new piece...

but there are so many little details along the way.


We can help.

In fact, we know what you’re looking for.

  • You like to do most of the writing yourself, but…

  • You want to streamline your writing process.

  • You don’t want to listen to your interview again, but you don’t need to hire someone full time to do the work.

  • You’d like to skim through a well-written document to find the pieces you need to write your article.

  • You’d like to be able to find names, places, and links easily.

  • You’d like someone who understands your needs to deliver tangible documents reliably and efficiently.

Here's how we can help.


base rate: $2 per audio minute


+ clean verbatim

+ proofreading included

+ delivered within 3 business days

+ same-day delivery for an additional $0.50 per audio minute

+ timestamps every 5 minutes can be requested at no additional cost



base rate + $7


+ basic transcript (see above)

+ 2 powerful quotes from your interview

+ list of 5 key discussion/learning points

+ list of links + resources mentioned


Still have questions?

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